birthday gift or baby gift toy defeated Domino kiko + tanabata of (Kiko Tanabata Star Festival) Star Domino set wooden building block tree! (japan import)


Economie : 26%
handicraft of a craftsman with a beech from Europe
The peace of mind even if I put it in a mouth unlikely event you Because I use beeswax and vegetable paints with no harm to the body
Clear safety management standards CE European toy where there are detailed rules size. shape. paint. and for strength
I have painted texture of the wood is to leave as much as possible

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Nice day to visit on July 7 every year. a lot of stars who gathered this day. to make the river shining in the night sky. tanabata. the items that you wish children around the world and want to shine in the same way as such a star who can not be counted. Like shooting star. star of Domino Yuku flows Stack. Ask the children for everyone to come true .... tanabata is. wooden domino the storage bag of gold that can also outing stars and the stars each 10 months. of no painting made in Beech total of 100 months of the 30 months of the colorful stars of seven was set is set. There is engraved numbers from 0 to 9 to 30 months of no painting. I can also play number. In addition. is fun and can make the art of your own using scattered on top of the picture drawn by myself like a photograph to non-Domino The stylish even display it as interior (3 sets total of 30 pieces of 10 each blue. yellow. pink. green. orange. gold. silver . streaks of 0-9 is is written) star100 pieces Contents: Gold bag one Size: star: W40 * D7 (mm)