Plastic Trays / Racks for Dominoes OR Playing Card _ Dual Use _ Set of 4 _ Bonus 1 Deck of Ace 100% High Quality Plastic Playing Cards (Random backing color of Red or Blue) by Deluxe Games and Puzzles


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Dominoes Shown in photos for illustrative purposes only. Dominoes NOT included.
One Deck of Ace High Quality 100% Plastic Playing Cards. (Random either Red or Blue Backing)
Holds approximately 20 dominoes on their sides. Holds approximately 20 playing cards.

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Make your dominoes or card game that much easier with Dual-Use Plastic Trays. Unique channel design allows placement of either playing Cards or Dominoes in the trays. Channels are 1/2 inch thick and will accommodate both professional. jumbo and tournament size dominoes. Dominoes are placed on their side in these racks (NOT upright.) Wide 5 x 12 inch base makes these exceptionally stable on a table (as opposed to thinner racks similar to those used in Scrabble). This is a set of 4 (four) plastic Dominoe/Playing Card Trays. Bonus: 1 (one) deck of Deluxe ACE 100% plastic playing cards included. (these shipped in RANDOM color backings; either Red or Blue.) Feel. deal. fan. and shuffle superbly. Durable. long-lasting playing cards. Easy to clean. Great for outdoor use; impervious to dampness. Standard size (3.5 x 2.5 inches) playing cards. Sometimes referred to as Poker Size as opposed to bridge width. Dominoes NOT included. Shown in photos for illustrative purposes only. Returns. if necessary. are always processed promptly. Return of the entire new bundle required for any refund to be issued.