Modern Double Six Jumbo Dominoes. Red (Yellow)


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Two Tone Black and White
28 Domino Tiles
Tournament Size
Jumbo Dominoes

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El Tigre is a modern domino set. While traditionally dominoes have come in a wooden box or in leatherette cases this luxury set is meant to let the dominoes shine. Each box is handmade from a single piece of acrylic. The Yellow lid version is a great one for any avid domino fan as it shows the dominoes very clearly. These domino sets are meant to be displayed and played. that's why they all come with Jumbo Tournament Size Two-tone Black and White Dominoes with Spinners. Measurements of Jumbo Size Dominoes: Height: 2 3/16 inches or 5.6 cm Width: 1 1/16 inches or 2.7 cm Thickness: 7/16 inches or 1.1 cm. Available in these other lid colors: Blue. Green. Orange. Clear. Smoke (black). Neon Green. Neon Pink and Neon Orange.