Scrabble Scattergories Game by Hasbro Games


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Game includes 6 folders; 6 clip strips; 1 answer pad; 2-sided die; 48 category cards; electronic timer; die-rolling board; 6 pencils and instructions
Fun game variations
3-speed timer
High score wins

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Think fast and write faster to win Scrabble Scattergories. You may be good with words. but can you come up with the right ones in the right categories Choose how much speed you need on the timer. then roll the dice to determine the first letter of the words you'll come up with. Then come up with the most creative words that fit the category and start with the letter you rolled. You'll score points when you come up with words that nobody else does. But be careful what you come up with. If another player challenges your answer. the rest of the players could vote to reject it. It's crowd-pleasing. fast-thinking fun with Scrabble Scattergories.