Number Dominoes Premium Double 15 Set by Puremco


Economie : 23%
Rules to 8 games included
Professional size
Good for players with weak eyesight
Easy to count and tally scores

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Puremco's Double 15 Color Number Dominoes from University Games is an exciting game that the entire family can enjoy. This set of professional sized dominoes have jumbo color coded numbers instead of dots. The bold numbers are easy to see from across the table and allow for expedient score keeping. Domino games are easy to learn and fun for everyone. The rule book includes 8 games and provides detailed play for popular games such as Mexican Train and Chickenfoot. University Games is proud to be the offical dominoes used for tournaments around the world. Contains one full double 12 set of numeric dominoes and instruction booklet. For 1-8 players. ages 6 and up.